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              主催:J Culture Sydney,   後援:在シドニー日本国総領事館




2023 ビデオ








​大人 $25

16歳以下65歳以上   $15


AU 15ドル~



第1ラウンド  12:00~
第2ラウンド  14:00~
ファイナル      15:00~



メインステージ 13PM~14PM

[ Houchoushiki ]
Houchoushiki is a important traditional Japanese ritual that was performed 1300 years ago as a way to present fish and other produce to the 58th Emperor of Japan, Emperor Koukou, and is now considered to be a extremely valuable, historical part of Japanese food culture. 
Myself and my team proudly perform 14th Dec 2024 in Japan expo at historical Sydney town hall, Hope to see you and Japanese foods Lover.

[ Hideo Dekura’s Profile ]
Hideo Dekura (1944) was born in Yotsuya Tokyo and arrived in Sydney in 1972 as a consulting chef. He is a culinary instructor who runs the Japanese functions of Sydney as well as Culinary Studio Dekura. He was given the title of Grand master chef from Takahiko Shijyo (the 41st head of the Shiyo family) as well as receiving the role as the Japanese Cuisine Good Will Ambassador and was also recently given the award of the order of the rising sun, gold and silver ray from the Reiwa Emperor and the Japanese government. He has also previously received a award of Agricultural ministry and Foreign ministry from Japan. As well as being a chef, he is also an author of many Japanese cooking books such as Encyclopaedia of Japanese cuisine and more, being published in English, French, Spanish and German. 


​Hideo Dekura's knife Ceremony

​包丁式 協賛企業

吟詠吟舞錦凰流 ①11:45~ ②15:30~


I was born as the third generation successor of my Japanese traditional art school.

I made my first debut on stage at the age of three. Ever since then, I have inherited my school’s traditional spirits and learned the traditional “Gin-Ken-Shibu” skills which were passed on within my school from generation to generation.

In order to develop this traditional Japanese art and ensure the survival of it, I, Ryuou Arai, will spread the beauty and elegance of this Japanese traditional art to the world as the third generation successor of my Japanese traditional art school.